SH Photo Photography by Stefan Hovaldt

SH Photo
DH Cup Rold ’14

Haven’t shot bikes for what seems like forever. This past sunday it was time to change that! It rained on saturday and we also got 30 or so minutes of rain on sunday during practice. Needles to say, it was rather muddy and a tad dark. I played with some flash both on and off […]

Painting with light, fashion and a MTB champion

The last couple of months has been fun, and a wee bit hectic on several occasions. I finished up the light painting and fashion pictures i talked about in my last blog. For the fashion pictures I had the joy of working with Laura from Le Management. She was wonderful to work with, and I […]

New year, more school

Seems like a long time since I updated this blog last time… Better get started then After last update I had an internship at an ad agency, I spend the week with their photographer. As always, there were fun times and some not so fun times. Looking back at that week I remember it as […]

Photoshop and studio time

I try my best to update this blog regularly but as you may have noticed, I don’t manage to do so all the time. However, when I do update the blog I try to post something new. – So let’s get to the more exciting part of this blog! Since last time I updated this […]

Portraits in daylight

A couple of weeks ago we got to play around outside. We played with flash and smoke/fog machines. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It sure was! The assignment was to shoot a series of portraits outside using flash with the school as environment. I knew straight away I wanted to do mine with a wide […]

I’ve been busy!

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog. I’ve been busy with school so please forgive me! Although my hands has been pretty full I’m still loving every single day of school. Our trip to Berlin went very well. It was super fun and the assignments we were given was quite a challenge. […]

Berlin, here I come

Another week has gone by. This week has mainly been about how different camera settings impacts on the final picture. For instance what happens to the picture if you shoot it at ISO 12800, or if you change focal length or the aperture value? And most important we learnt how we can use these things […]

School is cool!

I just want to give an update on school. Two weeks have gone by and they have been absolutely awesome. Although there has been quite a few things I already knew there’s also been so many new, interesting things. The class is a nice mix of people. They come from different places in Denmark (and […]

Summer is over

At least mine is, or so it feels like. I spend a part of my summer in the wonderful Italy. The rest of my summer I have spent working, relaxing and getting ready to move. I’m moving to Viborg as I’m starting at Medieskolerne (Media College) as photographer. That means that after a year without […]

No iPhone

The home button on my iPhone 4 had been giving me some trouble for quite some time as it pretty much never worked. I figured I might as well send it in for repair (hurray for 2 years of guarantee in Denmark). Another thing was the headphone jack socket couldn’t decide whether it was regular […]

222 Dirt Jam

This past saturday there was a dirt jam organized by 222Cycles. The weather wasn’t the best but at least it wasn’t raining though a bit more sun would’ve been nice. Although there was a couple of dirt jumps it was mainly a pumptrack event. Despite the lack of sunshine it was a great jam with […]

DH Cup Rold

This past weekend round number 2 of the Danish Downhill MTB cup took place. Round number 2 was in Rold which is a 30 minute drive from my home. It’s always nice spend a day the guys as there’s a good atmosphere even though they are competing. The weather was a bit cloudy which made […]

Starting to blog

I have been thinking about starting a blog on this page for some time and I have decided to take the plunge The blog will be mainly be about my photography but if I find something interesting I will post it as well.