SH Photo Photography by Stefan Hovaldt

SH Photo
Berlin, here I come

Another week has gone by.
This week has mainly been about how different camera settings impacts on the final picture.
For instance what happens to the picture if you shoot it at ISO 12800, or if you change focal length or the aperture value?
And most important we learnt how we can use these things in order to get the picture we want.

On one hand these things are pretty basic and honestly a bit boring, on the other hand we’re only three weeks in and the school has to make sure everybody knows what they’re doing. – So in the end it’s all good.
We also did some work in Photoshop. Mostly just setting the pictures up side by side in order to compare them.

Best part of the week though was the party at the school thursday night. Super fun and relaxed!

Tomorrow (monday) we’re all going to Berlin, Germany. Although we’ve got quite a few assignment (photos) to do while we’re there I’m still pretty excited!
I haven’t been to Berlin for a long time so I’m looking forward to exploring the city.

Till next time

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