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SH Photo
I’ve been busy!

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog. I’ve been busy with school so please forgive me! Although my hands has been pretty full I’m still loving every single day of school.

Our trip to Berlin went very well. It was super fun and the assignments we were given was quite a challenge.
When we got home we edited the pictures and watched them all via a projector. 18 pictures from a little over 50 students, that’s a lot pictures! Yikes!
A lot of good pictures was in there though, that helped me tremendously. – Also, I always find it interesting to see the many different views on assignments, as we all were given the same assignments.

On to the next project
My class and I are currently learning about photojournalism. We had a pretty big assignment due earlier today: a reportage. – We choose the subject ourselves and had to shoot it in what was defined as the classic reportage style.
I thought it was pretty exciting and I chose to follow my good friend Sebastian Jensen of 222 Racing as he raced the last leg of the Danish DH MTB Cup.

I followed him from Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon as he prepared, trained and finally raced. I wanted to show a bit different point of view than usually do. I wanted to show more of the preparing, track walk and a lot stuff that I don’t think gets that much attention, although it’s a big part racing.
I ended up quite happy with result especially when I keep in mind that this is my first reportage ever.

See the reportage

Till next time

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