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New year, more school

Seems like a long time since I updated this blog last time… Better get started then :)

After last update I had an internship at an ad agency, I spend the week with their photographer.
As always, there were fun times and some not so fun times. Looking back at that week I remember it as being very interesting and insightful.

We spend two of the days mainly shooting portraits. We did so at two different companies, both a bit of an drive from Aalborg where the agency is located.
The rest of the days was spent in the studio and with editing.

The photographer has been in the business for 20 years or so and obviously knows a thing or two about photography.
One of many things I noticed was how he’s working with the person (or persons) he’s photographing.
There was a lot of routine in the way he did things, but he still managed listen and work properly with every single person. Impressive!

After my internship ended I was back in school.
For three weeks everybody at the school were working together, that means photographers, web integrators and the movie & TV students were all working in mixed groups. – These small groups were like small ad agencies.

We weere then all given the same assignments by the “clients” (the teachers) and the clients then picked (/”bought”) what was the best solution in their opinion.
The overall goal was to get better at communicating with each other.
Although threes full weeks might be a tad too long I think it was quite fun.

Just before the holidays I extended my time at the school, I’ve extended it 6 months or so.
I’m pretty sure that’s the first time ever I’ve stayed in school longer by my free will.
I guess they’re doing something at this school as I’m not the only one by any means.

School started again last week.
The first month and half is going to be focusing on light. The first assignment we got (which I’m currently working on) is about painting with light.
In the future we’ll be working with light in fashion and more in depth with portraits.
Till next time

Ps. Just in case you came here for photos I’ll leave you with a macro shot of some coffee beans. I shot it for one of the assignments we did in our “ad agency”.
All natural light by the way :-)

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