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No iPhone

The home button on my iPhone 4 had been giving me some trouble for quite some time as it pretty much never worked. I figured I might as well send it in for repair (hurray for 2 years of guarantee in Denmark).
Another thing was the headphone jack socket couldn’t decide whether it was regular pair of headphones or a headset that was connected. – It changed the volume constantly! The guy in the store said it would take about 10 working days, wasn’t too happy about that but I figured I’d survive. But man, did I miss my iPhone!

I missed having the internet, a camera and a music player (and not to forget: a phone) in one handy device always ready in my pocket. After about a week with a old Nokia and my good ol’ trusty 4th gen iPod Nano (my first ever Apple product by the way) I’d gotten kinda used to not having an iPhone although I still missed it.
When I went to pick up my iPhone the guy in the store told me that my iPhone had been replaced with a brand new one which also means another 2 years of guarantee. Sweet!

And yeah, it pretty good to be back on iOS 😉

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