SH Photo Photography by Stefan Hovaldt

SH Photo
Painting with light, fashion and a MTB champion

The last couple of months has been fun, and a wee bit hectic on several occasions.

I finished up the light painting and fashion pictures i talked about in my last blog.

For the fashion pictures I had the joy of working with Laura from Le Management. She was wonderful to work with, and I really like the pictures, especially considering it was my first try with fashion photography.
In the gallery below there’s a shot of my in-ear headphones which is painted with light, and there are 3 pictures from my shoot with Laura.

The next project we did in school was indeed more free than the above.
I chose to follow my friend Sebastian around with some lightning gear.
Sebastian is the Danish Downhill MTB champion, and in the past I’ve done a reportage on him through a race weekend.

When I did this new series of Sebastian it was in his off-season, which was exactly what I wanted to show as I already have showed what a race weekend is like.

I followed Sebastian at work, through workouts, bike rides and several other “regular” activities.
I wanted to photograph the things that goes on behind the scenes in order to be performing a your very best come race weekend.
The series is of course at the bottom of this page in the gallery.

Till next time

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