SH Photo Photography by Stefan Hovaldt

SH Photo
Portraits in daylight

A couple of weeks ago we got to play around outside. We played with flash and smoke/fog machines. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It sure was!
The assignment was to shoot a series of portraits outside using flash with the school as environment.

I knew straight away I wanted to do mine with a wide angle lens. – Figured I might as well really emphasize that these portraits wasn’t done in a studio.
I also added a smoke machine, I think it added a nice little touch.

A few days later we had to make another series, only this time I was told they had to be different from the first series. The series could for instance be all black & white.

I chose to keep them in color but added a twist to the color. – I changed the white balance (WB) to 3500K which is a warm WB. This made everything outside (and the flash) blue and very cold.
I then put a sheet of warm gel (CTO) in front of the flash, this made all the light from the flash warm. Due to the WB setting in my camera the warm light from the flash looks neutral (or “white”).
This setup adds a fun twist to the pictures. – Everything but what the flash hits is very blue and cold.

The past week we’ve gotten an introduction to the studios and especially all of the light modifiers.
We’ve made a series of pictures of the very same subject and the same light but with different modifiers.
This might not be the most interesting thing to do but I think it’s a absolute must. You have to know your gear! You need to know what the modifiers do and how they look on a subject!
This is the kind of information that’s going to help you later on when you need a light to do something very specific.

Till next time

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