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DH Cup Rold ’14

Haven’t shot bikes for what seems like forever. This past sunday it was time to change that! It rained on saturday and we also got 30 or so minutes of rain on sunday during practice. Needles to say, it was rather muddy and a tad dark. I played with some flash both on and off […]

Painting with light, fashion and a MTB champion

The last couple of months has been fun, and a wee bit hectic on several occasions. I finished up the light painting and fashion pictures i talked about in my last blog. For the fashion pictures I had the joy of working with Laura from Le Management. She was wonderful to work with, and I […]

222 Dirt Jam

This past saturday there was a dirt jam organized by 222Cycles. The weather wasn’t the best but at least it wasn’t raining though a bit more sun would’ve been nice. Although there was a couple of dirt jumps it was mainly a pumptrack event. Despite the lack of sunshine it was a great jam with […]

DH Cup Rold

This past weekend round number 2 of the Danish Downhill MTB cup took place. Round number 2 was in Rold which is a 30 minute drive from my home. It’s always nice spend a day the guys as there’s a good atmosphere even though they are competing. The weather was a bit cloudy which made […]